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How can I help my struggling student?

It is perfectly normal for a student to struggle with their adjustment to college. Many college freshmen face the same challenges your student is facing or could be facing in the future. Here are a few common concerns that parents have for their struggling student.

My student's gpa is really low. What can I do?

By university standards and requirements students are considered in good academic standing as long as their cumulative GPA is above a 2.0. Depending on the student’s progress, they are either highly encouraged or required to visit with their academic advisor for tips on how to improve their standing.

UT has several resources your student can utilize if they are struggling with classes. They can visit the Tutoring Center and/or the Writing Center.

I've noticed that my student's behaviour has changed drastically. What can I do?

Students can often become overwhelmed with their new life as a university student. Their difficult coursework paired with living away from home and establishing a new social routine are considerable factors in your student’s behavior.

If your student is living in a dorm and you are concerned with his/her attitude or behavioral shifts, you are encouraged to contact his/her Resident Assistant (RA) or the Housing Office. They are able to check on your student and offer direct support to him/her.

The UT Health and Counseling Center offers medical services and mental health services.

If you suspect your student is struggling with drug or alcohol issues, please contact the Housing Office and/or the Health and Counseling Center for assistance.

My student is ill and is miles away from his/her doctor. What services are available?

The UT Health and Counseling Center offers a variety of medical services that are available to your student while they attend school. You can visit their website for contact information and details on the medical services provided.

My student can't decide on a major. What should he/she do?

Choosing a major can be a daunting experience for a new student. Career Services offers several types of career tests to help a student clarify their values, abilities and career preferences. With the help of a Career Services advisor, these test results can help a student determine which direction they should take their education.

Students are encouraged to meet with a general academic advisor or with an advisor in a specific major to investigate major options and the careers they lead to. Academic advisors can offer insights to classes and careers that student might not have had before coming to college.


Wellness Center

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Career Center

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Housing Office

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